Revised 8-14 (RED denotes current changes)

Section 1. Membership Responsibility
1. It is the memberís responsibility to prove they are eligible for League play according to the membership criteria outlined in Article IV Section 1.
2. It is the memberís responsibility to provide all of the fees necessary to participate in League events. These fees are outlined in Article IV Sections 2-4.
3. It shall be the responsibility of each member to have his/her membership card at each match. This card should be shown if and when an opposing captain challenges a playerís eligibility. If not available, the match will be played under protest with the Board determining eligibility.

Section 2. Registration
1. Each team, team captain and sponsoring establishments must be registered and all dues paid by a date to be specified by STICK League Officers. This date shall be announced at least one month prior to registration deadline.
2. Team rosters (team name, member names, addresses and phone numbers of ALL team members) must be turned in and STICK membership fees paid by the registration deadline.
3. It is the captains responsibility to collect and submit to the league the fees due.
4. A teamís competitive level (A Ė D) must be requested at registration. Every effort will be made to accommodate a teamís competitive level request; however, a teamís competitive level request may be changed according to the proven ability of team members or the scheduling requirements of the League. In the event that changes to a teamís competitive level request are necessary, the affected teamís captain(s) will be notified and the team(s) will be given the opportunity to withdraw from the League prior to the commencement of match play.

Section 3. Sportsmanship
1. Good sportsmanship should be the prevailing attitude during all STICK sponsored events.
2. Attempts to distract an opponent while he/she is throwing will not be tolerated.
3. No form of intimidation will be allowed before, during or after match play. Specific forms of intimidation prohibited include, but are not limited to: threats of physical violence, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, implied violence, and taunting.
4. Physical violence between League members will result in disciplinary action by the Board whether it occurs between members of different teams or between members of the same team.
5. Darts is a spirited game where common courtesy is a must and a handshake between players after a game is an outward gesture of good sportsmanship.
6. It is not considered unsportsman-like conduct for a captain to protest a direct violation of any rules herein.
7. Complaints may result in the Board of Directors taking disciplinary action.

Section 1. The Dart Board
1. All league competition shall be conducted on a Standard English Bristle, 20 point, clock faced board, and maintained to a high standard and condition. 

2. An acceptable board must be secured to the wall so that the distance from the center of the board to the floor measures 5í 8" plus or minus 1/4".
3. The scoring wedge indicated by 20 shall be the darker of two wedge colors and must be the top center wedge.
4. The dartboard wire spider must not be broken. Double and triple rings must be within a tolerance of 1/32" of the normal space measurement of 3/8".
5. The dartboard should be positioned so that it is readily available to the players without distraction to the thrower. The ceiling (or other obstructions such as pipes or beams) must be approximately 9" or more above the top of the dartboard so as not to interfere with the flight of the dart.
6. Any bar entering STICK must have a minimum of two dartboards available for league play.

Section 2. The Lighting
1. Lights must be affixed in such a way as to brightly illuminate the board, reduce to a minimum the shadows cast by the darts and not physically impede the flight of the darts.

Section 3. The Scoreboard
1. A scoreboard must be provided and located in such a position that players may easily read the score.

Section 4. The Toe Line
1. There shall be a 1" wide stripe at least 36" long on the floor. From the front of the board (scoring surface) to the front edge of the stripe, the distance shall be the minimum throwing distance of 7' 9-1/4", plus or minus 1/4".
2. The distance from the center of the bull, diagonally to the toe line shall be 9' 7-3/8".

Section 5. The Conditions
1. All comments concerning the equipment of a particular establishment shall be sent in writing to the STICK Board who, with sufficient cause, will request replacement or repair of such equipment. All decisions as to the acceptability of an establishment's dart playing areas are to be made by quorum of STICK League Officers.

Section 1. The Team
1. A team will consist of a minimum of four (4) players. A maximum of eight (8) players may be on a team roster.
2. Two or three players shall be considered to be a legal, but incomplete team at starting time.
3. A team having the minimum number of players, but unable to field a full team will forfeit the respective number of points for each game not played. In team events you will miss one turn for each missing player in each round of play. For example, a two-person team playing against a four-person team would have only two turns for every four turns the opponents have. A team having two members present may only shoot one doubles game of each double event. A team having three members present may shoot the second doubles game of each event but will miss one turn for each missing player in each round of play.
(Keep in mind this is for less than 4 players - for the team game you may play 4 against 5 with OUT losing a turn on the team with 4)
4. A team starting with less than four (4) players may play late-arriving players provided they do not enter a game already in progress.
5. No player may compete in more than one of each event; one singles 301, one singles cricket, one doubles 501, one doubles cricket, or one doubles 401 game. In divisions A and B a player cannot play in both singles 501 and singles cricket. However, a player can play in either singles 501 or singles cricket and singles 301.
6. An illegal team (less than 2 players) shall forfeit and receive no points for that week. The opposing team shall receive their weekly average. See Rule VIII, Sec. 3, No. 4.
7. A member on a team's roster may not substitute for any other team.
8. One upper division darter will be permitted per team. The Board of Directors will review appeals.

Section 2. Player Status
1. A per-session membership fee is required to be paid prior to the member participating in League events for an individual to be a member in good standing of STICK.
2. A player may register for any team he/she wishes; however, he/she does not officially become a member of any team until the first night he/she shoots for a particular team. He/she shall then be considered "locked in".
3. Once being "locked in" to a team, a player may change teams during the season if the team withdraws from the league, or if given permission from his/her previous team's captain as well as written permission from STICK League officers. If "locked" player plays for another team without meeting above criteria - ALL of that players points will be forfeited and awarded to opposing team - up to max score for night.
4. Prior to playing, any player added to a roster after the start of the season, must be approved by a member of the STICK Board. See Rule VIII, Sec. 4, No. 3.
5. In order to be eligible to attend the STICK banquet and receive awards, a player must have participated in at least two matches in each of two nights during the course of that season.

Section 3. New Players
1. New players may be added until the third to last week of the season.
2. If a team or a team captain plays a non-member under an absent team member's name, all match points, won on the night of the infraction, can be forfeited.

Section 1. Schedule
1. Team captains (or acting team captains) must meet prior to the start of the match to schedule players for events. All events may, but do not have to be, scheduled at one time. The captains prior to the start of the match should decide this. If no agreement can be reached, the schedule will be filled out one event at a time.
2. Line-ups must be made BLIND by each captain and they are not to prearrange players against certain opponents.
3. Each player's full name must appear at least once on the score sheet used for that particular night. See Rule VIII, Sec. 4, No. 1.

Section 2. The Match
1. Each "301" game shall start and end on a double.
2. Each "401" game shall start and end on a double.
3. Each "501", "601" and "801" game shall consist of a free start (no double required to start) and a double to finish.
4. Cricket Ė The first person (or team) to "close" all numbers (20 through 15 and bulls) and have the most points, wins the game. Should both persons (or teams) have the same number of points, the first person (or team) to "close" all numbers wins. In the case of a game played in which neither person (or team) has accumulated points the first person (or team) to "close" all numbers (20 through 15 and bulls) wins the game.

Section 3. Substitutions
1. No substitutions can be made after the start of a game without the approval of the opposing captain.

Section 4. Time Factors
1. All matches are scheduled to start at 7:30pm on the date and place scheduled.
2. A 15-minute grace period of the scheduled nights play will be given after which Rule VIII, Sec. 3, No. 1 applies.
3. No more than 5 minutes may elapse between events, games, round of play, or turn in a game. If a member feels their opponent is in violation of the five-minute rule, either the player making the complaint or their captain must notify the offending team memberís captain or acting captain. Once the opposing captain has been notified of the violation any future delays may result in a complaint. Ė NOTE: The 5 minute delay allowed between a turn in a game, is ONLY for unforeseen events i.e. bathroom visit, emergency phone call, etc. NOT TO BE UTILIZED EACH TURN. Excessive delay between shots could be considered unsportsmanlike.
4. Times may be altered with the approval of both team captains.

Section 5. Number of Dart Boards
1. A minimum of two dartboards must be available for each A and B division match.
2. One dartboard must be available for each division C and D match. If more than one board is available, they can be used only if both team captains and/or bar owner agree.

Section 1. Throwing The Cork
1. All games begin by throwing a cork (center bull). The visiting team will have first option in determining who throws first at the bull. The team who throws closest to the cork shall shoot first when starting the game. For divisions A, A-, and B, the loser of the first game has the option of corking first in the second game. If the match goes to a third game, then the home team has the option of corking first.
2. Only players scheduled in that individual game may throw for the cork.
3. Should the scorer call for a re-throw at the cork, the order of shooting shall reverse from the previous throw.
4. The dart must remain in the scoring surface of the board in order to count. Additional throws may be made (only when throwing the cork), until such a time as the player's dart remains in the board. Should the second thrower dislodge the dart of the first thrower, a re-throw will be made with the second thrower now throwing first.
5. Two outer bulls or two inner bulls shot at cork shall be considered a tie and be re-thrown.
6. Darts must not be touched prior to the decision of the scorer. Should the scorer or thrower be in doubt, both team captains shall add their opinions with the majority ruling.
7. The order in which players shoot, shall be left to their captain or participating partner. Cork shooters need not be the one who throws first to start the game.
8. A single or double bull must be acknowledged and removed at the request of the second thrower.
Section 2. Beginning A Game
1. To commence scoring in double-start-double-finish events, a player must land a dart in the outer (double) ring or the double bull. All subsequent darts shall be counted for score; inner bull (50) is considered a double 25 for starting, scoring and finishing a game.

Section 1
. Scoring
1. All "01" games are scored by subtracting the score shot from the starting number.
2. At all times, the scorekeeper shall refrain from smoking or drinking while in the performance of his/her duties.
3. For the dart to score, it must remain (independent of human assistance) in the dartboard until the darter retrieves the dart after that player has thrown his/her final dart.

4. Propelling a dart by mechanical or other such means is not allowed.
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5. In order to score, the point of the dart must be touching in the bristle portion of the dartboard.
6. A dart's score shall be determined from the side of the wire at which the dart enters the board. In the case where bands, instead of wires, bend the double and triple rings, a dart lodging between the bands where they overlap, shall be scored as the double or triple.
7. Prior to the decision of the scorer the thrower, another player, scorer, captain or spectator may touch no dart.
8. Both feet must be behind the toe line. This line must not be stepped over before the dart contacts the dartboard. If a player violates this rule, advancing him or her within the minimum distance, the opposing captain will warn the player and his/her captain. Further violations will result in the forfeiture of the score obtained from the dart(s) thrown.

Section 2. Marking
1. It is the responsibility of the player to mark and verify his score before removing his darts from the board; the score remains as written if one or more darts have been removed from the board.
2. The scorer may inform the thrower what he/she has scored. The scorer may not inform the thrower what he/she has left in terms of number combinations (out shots). It is permissible, from behind the toe line, for any team member, unless that member is scoring, to advise the thrower during the course of the game.
3. Errors in arithmetic must stand as written unless corrected prior to the start of the team's next throw. The aforementioned may be waived in the interest of sportsmanship provided both captains agree.
4. If a player throws out of turn, his score is removed and the correct scheduled player for that team is to throw. The out-of-turn player forfeits his scheduled turn (his next scheduled turn) in the game. The opposing player shoots his round. This rule may also be waived if agreed to by both captains.

Section 3. Finishing
1. To finish all "01" games, a player's dart must land in a double which is equal to half of his remaining score. A leg/match is concluded at such time as a player/team hits the Ďdoubleí required to reduce their score to zero. All darts thrown subsequently shall not count for score.

2. For the purpose of starting or finishing a game, the inner bull (50) is considered a double 25.
3. Cricket - The first person (or team) to "close" all numbers (20 through 15 and bulls) and have the most points, wins the game. Should both persons (or teams) have the same number of points, the first person (or team) to "close" all numbers wins. In the case of a game played in which neither person (or team) has accumulated points the first person (or team) to "close" all numbers (20 through 15 and bulls) wins the game.
4. No fast finishes such as "Three in a Bed," "222," "111" and "shanghai," etc. are permitted.

Section 4. Busting
1. A player busts when his three (or less) darts score more points than remain in the game, or, if the three darts score one less point than remains in the game. When this occurs the score remains as it was prior to that throw. The next scheduled player then takes his regular turn to throw. This rule pertains to "01" games only. It is not possible to BUST a Cricket game.

Section 1. Captain's Duties
1. Each captain is responsible for the conduct of his/her team and the accuracy of the score sheet and the signing of the same. See Rule VIII, Sec. 4, No. 1.
2. The captain is responsible for his/her team's league fees.
3. Captains shall be responsible for his/her team knowing any rule changes made during the season or any other information given out during STICK meetings.
4. Attendance at the STICK general membership and captains meeting is required (a representative or substitute team captain is acceptable).
5. Team captains will file any protests on behalf of his/her team and its members.
6. Captains must immediately inform League Directors of any change in their team roster. See Rule III, Sec. 2, No. 4 and Rule VIII, Sec. 4, No. 3.
7. On the spot decisions concerning substitutions within the team (Rule IV, Sec. 3), scoring errors, rule clarifications, etc., can be resolved by the team captains.

Section 2. Reporting Results
1. Both captains shall verify the accuracy of the score sheet, including completeness for team name, division, date, players full name, etc., by signing it prior to submitting it to the STICK office. It is the responsibility of each team captain (or acting team captain) to put his/her team name on the score sheet.
2. The official score sheet (the home teamís score sheet) shall be completed and mailed, faxed or delivered to the STICK office by the winning captain. This sheet must be in the office by 5:00pm the Monday following regularly played Thursday night match. If mailed, it must be USPS postmarked (not simply put in a mailbox) no later than two (2) days following the date of the scheduled match. See Rule VIII, Sec. 4, No.3.
3. The official score sheet shall be used to calculate weekly results for teams and divisional standings.
4. All results as posted by the Board shall be considered final unless protested in writing within l0 days of posting.
5. Where position rounds exist in the schedule and a teamís score sheet is missing, the Board will use that teamís average to calculate their position.  When the missing sheet is received the correct score, less any penalty points, will be posted. 

Section 3. Protest Procedures
1. Only team captains may file a protest.
2. Protests may be initiated by stating it on the back of the score sheet or on a separate piece of paper.
3. Details must be submitted in writing to the STICK Board no later than five (5) days after the alleged infraction took place, or the protest will be considered invalid. Upon receipt of the written protest, the Board will contact both team captains and request their attendance at the next Board meeting. (A representative or substitute team captain is acceptable.) At that time both captains will be able to give their account of the situation. If either team captain does not attend, the Board will make a decision based on the information they have. The Board will then appoint three (3) available members, not directly involved in the protest, to a committee that will meet promptly and rule on the matter. No Board member may vote on protests for which the team he/she is playing is involved.
4. Any team captain may file a protest whether it involves his team or another team.

Section 1. Gambling
1. Gambling is neither sanctioned nor authorized at STICK sponsored events.

Section 2. Postponements
1. ALL rescheduled matches MUST be played within TWO weeks of scheduled match. The board MAY waive this requirement if a mutually agreed date is approved by the board, with GOOD reason. If a date cannot be determined, the team who requested the reschedule, will be forced to take a forfeit. Exception - if league night is canceled.

1. The Board will reserve the right to review any postponements caused by the inability to field a full team on the date of the scheduled match.
2. In the case of snow or other bad weather, check the STICK website or Facebook, to find out if matches have been cancelled.
3. Any postponements must be reported to the STICK Board no later than the scheduled night of play.
4. All matches must be played at the time and place indicated on the schedule unless previous permission has been obtained form the STICK Board. The STICK Board MUST approve all rescheduled matches.

Section 3. Forfeitures/Withdrawn Teams (Voluntary/Involuntary)
1. In the event that a team is not present at the end of a 15-minute grace period of the scheduled match, the opposing team will receive their average winning points.

2. A minimum of two players must be present from one team to be awarded the points forfeited by the team not present.
3. A score sheet must be presented to the STICK office and must be signed by the captain or acting captain of the present team at a forfeiting match. See Rule VIII, Sec.4, No.'s 2 and 3.
4. After 6 weeks of play a team has established an average. A running average will be compiled weekly after that time (and up to that time) to determine the winning average PLUS 1.5 for A-B -- 1 in C&D.  A bye week will not be considered when calculating the average.
5. The STICK officers reserve the right to replace a team, withdrawn from the League, with a new team. The team replacing the withdrawn team will receive all the points that the withdrawn team had previously acquired.
6. If a team is withdrawn within the first 6 weeks of the season and not replaced by the STICK Board, all teams in the division will receive ZERO points.
7. A team that forfeits a match must notify the Board within 48 hours of the scheduled match. If a second forfeiture occurs, the team may be suspended for the remainder of the season plus the following season. Their suspension will include ALL STICK functions. Appeals will be considered by the Board on a "per case" basis, with the Board decision being final.

Section 4. Match Point Deductions
1. Three (3) match points will be forfeited for not completely filling out the score sheet. Team captains are responsible for completing their team name and each playerís full name (at least once) on the score sheet. The winning team captain is responsible for completing the date and division.
2. A team not following Rule III, Sec. 2, No. 4, regarding new players will lose all points won on the night of the infraction. The ineligible player's points will be awarded to the opposing team.
3. Three (3) points will be deducted from the winning team's score if the score sheet is not postmarked by a U.S Post Office stamp, by the Saturday following a regularly scheduled match, or within no more than two (2) days following the date of a rescheduled match or is not in the STICK office no later than 5:00pm the Monday following league play.
4. Failure to have appropriate representation at the General Membership Meeting or captains meeting, will result in a three (3) point deduction.

Section 1. Standings - Playoffs - Ties
1. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the season is the Division's winner.  Each member of this team will then be considered an upper division player for that Division.  (See Rule I, Sec. 2, No. 3. and Rule III, Sec. 1, No. 8.)    
2. In the event of ties for ANY of the top 3, the following will be used to determine the "tie breaker" in following order

          1- Most wins head to head
          2- Total points between the two teams
          3- Total points thru season

3. All teams in contention of the League championship must be prepared to playoff ties within ten (10) days following the last regularly scheduled match in the Division. If a tie breaker cannot be determined utilizing the first two criteria, a playoff may be utilized.

4. The STICK Board will determine the number of teams involved in the playoffs. The STICK officers will decide the format.
5. No new players may participate on a team involved in the playoffs. Only registered STICK members already on the official team roster are eligible.
6. If three (3) teams tie, #1 will host #2, #2 will host #3 and #3 will host #1. The team accumulating the most points will be judged the Division champion.
7. If four teams tie, #1 plays #2 and #3 plays #4. Following the completion of the first two (2) matches, the winners of those matches will play to determine the Champion. Number designations shall be drawn by lot.

Section 2. Tournaments
1. The STICK League Directors, or a committee appointed by them, shall decide fees, rules and procedures for all tournaments.

Section 3. Awards
1. All special awards will by decided by The STICK Board. In order to receive a special award, the back of the score sheet must be filled out with all the appropriate information pertaining to the award and the opposing captain must sign it. If the opposing captain does not sign by the award then it is considered null and void. What is posted will be printed. If spelling or other errors are not notified to us by specified date, correction will be made with the cost to that player.

2. It is the captains responsibility to EMAIL (to the designated address) the list of players and sizes (if awards are clothing) within 7 days of the end of that division. Faxes, texts or listed on back of score sheet will NOT be accepted. If no list is received - no awards will be presented. A return email will serve as confirmation of receipt.


Section 1. Policy Changes
1. Policy changes, temporary rulings, and general information may be announced on the weekly standings sheet or a supplementary sheet. These policies will be considered to be in effect immediately. It is the responsibility of each League member to read these announcements.
2. Any situations not covered by STICK's Rules and Bylaws will be governed by ADO standards.

Section 2. Rule Changes
1. These rules may be amended or revised for the purpose of clarity and uniformity at any STICK Board meeting by majority vote.