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A Division Score Sheet A Spring 2018 Schedule
A- Division Score Sheet A- Spring 2018 Schedule
B Division Score Sheet B Spring 2018 Schedule
C+ Division Score Sheet C+ Spring 2018 Schedule
C Division Score Sheet C Spring 2018 Schedule
D Division Score Sheet D Spring 2018 Schedule
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Protest Complaint Form  
Captain's Responsibilities  
Bar List  
New Player Registration Form  
Dartboard Set-up  


American Darters Organization

Visit our friends at:

F&C Dart Supply, Inc.
3402 Glenmore Ave.
At the corner of Glenmore and Montana

513-681-1469 Fax


Columbus Darters Association
Little Miami Dart Association
Bulls-eye News
Cyber/Darts Magazine
Darts World Magazine
Bluegrass Darting Association
Southern Ohio Darters Assn (SODA)
Darters of Northern Kentucky
First to Zero Internet game
QCLDC - Queen City Lady's Dart Club