SIGNING UP NEW PLAYERS: MUST have approval by 6pm night of match!


Procedure must be followed or forfeiture of matches will be enforced!!! 

1.  Call Player Rep and obtain approval.

2.  Fill out form - (team name, division, player & how payment will made)
Click here for New Player Form   

Then ---->

Option 1 (prefered)     Click here to pay ONLINE.

OR ->

3. Pay $20.00 player fee by following Monday at 5:00pm to the office.
**If fees are not received by then, ALL games will be forfeited for that night**


AS ALWAYS, you may come to where ever "office duty" will be for that week.
Please check web site for that weeks location. ** Some weeks there may not be "office duty"**


REMINDER -- you are allowed ONE "upper" division player per team. If player added is deemed upper division and you have one already. ALL matches that person plays WILL BE FORFIETED.