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Thank you for visiting the home of the
Thursday Night Steel Tip Dart League

Contact Us
or email us at cincysteeltip@netzero.net

League Play Starts - September 3rd.

Schedules will be posted after 1st week - to make sure no errors.

First week schedule - team listed first is home team - team name vs. team name - location

A division:
TBA vs Junkyard Dawgs - Animations
Getting Worse vs. Lack of Fin Talent - Knotty Piny
Men of Steel vs. Armed & Hammered - Peg's

A- division:
CHOFF vs. Marauders - Morgan's Old RH
Second Sucks vs. Drunktards - Peg's
Prop 48 vs. Blokes - Silverton Cafe
Vogue Varmits vs. Mac Ademia - Vogue Cafe

B division:
O'Shannons Craic Crue vs. 26'ers - Brazen Head Pub
May the Flights B with U vs. NDTMF - Peg's
011 Boyz vs. Mean Girl Darters - Peg's
3 in a Bed - has a bye

C+ divion:
Miller Bros vs. Under the Bridge - Game Time Sports Bar
WTF vs. Points for Pints - Kenny's Sports Bar
Shady's MOFO's vs. Murphy's Top Dogs - Shady O'Gradys
Woebegongs vs. Slim Shady's - Silverton Cafe

C division:
London Br Pub vs. Seeing Triples - London Bridge Pub
Taters vs. Corkscrewed - Morgan's Old Roadhouse
Moose Poop vs. Bull Pin - Norwood Moose Lodge
Our Team vs. Wankers - Our Place Tavern
Redeyes vs. Is it in? - The Bar

D Division:
Mirthmakers vs. Whiskey Sticks - Hap's Irish Pub
Chicks N Dicks vs. Comf Numb - McCaully's Pub
Murphy's Durnk Pups vs. Frog Hair - Murphy's Pub
Shady's Porkey's vs. Mother Puckers - Shady O'Grady's



Address for scanned score sheet Emails - ONLY

Our regular email address is (or click on button above)


We set up a Facebook page as another way to keep in touch.
Please check it out and like us, so we can get you on our list.



Reminder - There is only to be ONE "official" score sheet.
This sheet is to be furnished by the HOME team.
This is why you  only have 8 sheets in you packet.
It is YOUR responsibility to properly fill out YOUR half of the sheet.
If you are a visiting team and you win - YOU MUST SEND IN THAT SHEET - Not a sheet that you did for you.

Explanation - I come to your bar. I win. We each sign off - I send in a second sheet I wrote out to mirror your sheet and you wrote your names on that sheet too, and did not sign it, or write your team name on it. I send in that sheet and you get 3 point deducted. Not that this would necessarily be done on purpose, but it takes this out of the equation.

Captains - When you sign that sheet you are signing off that it is correct and the right sheet. Make sure it is!


We are welcoming a few new bars this session. If you are unfamiliar with their locations, do a map search before leaving.

Also it was brought to my attention that a few bars do not take CREDIT CARDS. We will try to update the bar list as to those who do not. But, in the mean time, if this is an issue,


Tournaments and Events:  

In addition to the special events listed below
Don't forget to check out the weekly regular tourneys listed.



See Bar Tab at top of page for address and phone numbers

Do not forget the local Luck of The Draw Tourneys

1st & 10 SPORTS BAR (Florence, Ky) - Wed. night 8:00

PEG'S PUB (Sharonville, Oh) - Fri nights 8:30

***NEW***Bleachers -Ky) - Sat. nights 8:00

Ron's Place - Monday nights 7:30
Click Here For Flyer for Ron's

Above times are when sign-ups CLOSE

All are well run friendly tourneys.

 If there are others - Let me know & we will post




A word from the President:

Greetings all,

Please check back soon.....

Steve Statman



Who are we
What do we do...

We are the Thursday night steel tip dart league in Cincinnati.

We organize, schedule, run, oversee, enforce rules and generally make sure we have one of the best dart leagues around... 

What we do INFO

We are a Steel Tip Dart League serving Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky, Formed in 2002.  League Play is Thursday nights in participating bars in the greater Cincinnati area.  If you would like to throw darts competitively, please contact us and we will try to help you find a team to join


If you use AOL and are not receiving the correct updated information, see above on how to correct this.


Board Meetings are now the FIRST Wednesday of every month
at 7:30pm in the League office


Steel Tip In Cincinnati & Kentucky Office
10999 Reed Hartman  #318
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Fax: 513-948-9222





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